This short, easy to follow book is about the 3 piles that make up our lives, and what to do about them. They grow as we do and when you get to a certain age, you usually have substantial piles of things. When we realize we are closer to death than birth, the phrase, “You can’t take it with you”, becomes quite relevant. The piles of things that make up one’s life achieve lives of their own. This book addresses the issue, provides a process to manage the issue and offers hope, advice and solutions. 
Recently, my wife and I had the unpleasant task of clearing out the house my mother-in-lived in for 65 years.  She came from a generation where things of all sorts had value.  You didn’t dare throw something away if it had possible value and could be reused or modified for some other use.  Waste not want not was the mantra her generation lived by. So she just got into the habit of throwing nothing away.  
She was not a hoarder by any means, but boy oh boy did she collect stuff.  When she passed away and we intended to sell the house, we had to sort through the piles in various rooms to determine if there were any things of value and more importantly, were there any documents needed to aid in the settling of her estate? We needed to find them.  It was a nightmare.
In many ways though, it was cathartic in that my wife and I found ourselves re-evaluating our own lives through the prism of time and taking a good hard look at what we had become as consumers.  It was not a pretty story.
We discovered that although we had been “sizing down” over the years since the kids had grown up and moved on, we were using a teaspoon to address what required a forklift.  With the addition of many things we discovered in this old house, we had a major problem on our hands.  We simply had too many things. What to do?  
An idea came to me, as I found others were struggling with this same issue.  So I decided to use this experience and the other adventure I had gone through a couple of years past when my own mother passed, to create a learning experience. 
So, here it is.  I hope you can benefit from some of this insight and in the process, ease the pain of loss and streamline your lives at least a little.  If nothing else, you’ll be doing this for your survivors who will thank you endlessly when they will have to wade through the river of your life.

You Can't Take it With You eBook