I live in Long Beach, California creating visual art on canvas. I enjoy sculpting as well and often incorporate other media into my paintings whenever possible. This is "dimensional" art due to the use of mixed media and sculptural techniques. 


When I decide to create a painting, I draw from many sources, not the least of which are images for reference such as photos i have taken.  Then, an interesting dynamic develops which is both physical, mental and multi-dimensional.


$1000 FIRM is an example of a composition utilizing 3 different components and arranging them in a believable fashion.  They are all quite real, just not necessarily were they ever in this configuration in real life.  The tree stump the mailbox sits on is sculpted from a plastic modeling compound and the latch and door is fashioned from paper.


Over the past several years,I've come to a sobering realization. While I enjoy capturing images that reflect the past such as old trucks and abandoned farms, many of those items and places are vanishing at an alarming rate. 

Places rich in heritage are disappearing as we transition rapidly toward the future, discarding the past as we go. Future generations will probably never enjoy these things as I do.  And yet, there is something profoundly  moving about this transition from an earlier era to the Age of Information we are now moving into. I call it the  'Vanishing West'.


Components of this era are a terrific source of inspiration to draw from in ways that are both creative and pleasing to the eye. Hopefully it is also a means to make people stop, think and listen to the call of nature.


That natural, spiritual force that is inherent in all we do and helps create the environment we live in is a vital part of who we are.  Most of us have lost touch with nature in ways we need to remember. We should pay attention to what nature is telling us. We have but to listen and see.  Go to the quiet places such as the deep forest and open your inner ear to the soft, persistent voices and you'll know, too.

I decided some time ago that the world was my audience and the internet my gallery.  My interest is in calling attention to the older era that made us what we are today.  Items from the earlier eras were made to stand the test of time and they truly have done just that. Older ways of doing things also teach great lessons to our younger generations that can't be learned any other way.


So, there you go. Please enjoy my art for what it is and isn't.




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