Death and Decay

With the recent political witch hunt mercifully dead, it is an interesting time to contemplate death and decay. No, these are not morbid subjects.

Rust to Dust

Aging and decay can be beautiful. They are not to be feared. Nothing lasts forever after all. Even politicians. In death, patterns of rust and erosion can be quite interesting. As items weather they continually change. I watched this old truck above gradually get consumed by blackberries. Eventually the blackberries prevailed. They were very good. Probably had a high iron content!

Old Souls

I often incorporate weathered wood and rusty metal into my dimensional art. When not working with those elements directly, I paint images featuring them. You see, our forefathers built things to last. Many old tools are still around. When they've lost their usefulness, they can still serve as beautiful and very useful decorative items. Can you say the same about the plastic products produced today? The old boots above are a bit of a metaphor. The body will eventually wear out like these old boots, but the soul never does. Life after death? Of course.

Shelter from the Storm

Blue can

Recycle of course, but repurpose if you can. Maybe it's time to think about cleaning out that garage? Ok, maybe next year. I've got the same problem, and keep way too much I'd like to repurpose. Eventually I will, or perhaps just give things away to others who will find some use for them.